Toy Story 3

Video game based on the third installment of the popular Disney animated film · Pixar, where we can live the adventures seen in the film, besides having a special game mode called "Toy Box", a virtual toy box which we can create an open world with a sandbox style of play, allowing us to create our own history of toys.
Imagination, adventure, emotion and a box sandbox toys film with great game.

Toy Story becomes a curious mix of adventure and Sandbox, and it comes from the hand of those responsible for the series Just Cause. Same that film, we have a movie to game adaptation of all less common. If the adjustments are generally bad, animated films are often worse ... Is this the first game to break the topic? Since then it has all the ballots.

When we heard of the existence of the video game Toy Story 3 we must confess that we showed we are not particularly optimistic about it. But as they were making public the details about the game it is certain that we could start a smile of interest, since beginning to take a form of life lessons.

Along the way he has jumped on the bandwagon Avalanche Software, And with them instead of betting on a linear dynamics and a discrete graphics section, Toy Story 3 has been inclined to open its approach to the Sandbox GTA-style, but at the same time completely unrecognizable, and to gamble at the same time by the same graphics engine Just Cause 2, leaving him almost unrecognizable.

Generally the film adaptations of video games leave much to be desired and, as we have said, even more so if it comes to animated films. But guess what? Toy Story 3 could be the exception.

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