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duble pack just 254 mb | 3 rar files | strategy | no installation needed

This rip is Standalone and includes the original Pharaoh. Pharaoh: Cleopatra is an expansion pack for the original Pharaoh, a game well known for it's empire building style of gameplay set in Egypt roughly 2900 to 700 BC. Pharaoh includes a farming model based on the flooding of the Nile, naval warfare, giant monuments that are assembled over time, a unique dynastic progression, and variable difficulty level.

Life Along The Nile

The Nile also served as a source of food for the people of ancient Egypt and was crucial to agriculture in the region. The river teemed with fish, and the ancient Egyptians consumed many different kinds, including catfish, mullet, bolti, and perch. Because it left a layer of nutrient-bearing silt when the waters of the annual inundation receded and provided water for irrigation, the Nile made agriculture and, therefore, life in ancient Egypt possible. The river was a regular and predictable source of water in a desert environment. Because the annual flood of the Nile revitalized the floodplain with water and new soil, it symbolized rebirth for the ancient Egyptians.


SYSTEM REQ'S: P200, 32 MB, 550 MB HD

This rip is Standalone and includes the original Pharaoh.

In the last days of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra used every means at her disposal - her wit, her money and her body - to save her empire. Join her in her fight to save Egypt from falling into the hands of the Romans with the Pharaoh Official Expansion: Cleopatra.

- Play 4 new campaigns with 15 missions tracing the careers of Tutankhamen, Ramses II and Cleopatra.

- Erect magnificent monuments, including the Colossi of Ramses II, the Tombs
in the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Amon-Ra at Karnak and the
Library and Lighthouse at 

- Construct more buildings for your cities, including Henna Farms, 
Painters, Lamp Makers and Tomb Artisans, plus more beautification structures.

- Battle fierce enemies from lands both far and near, including Persia, Phoenicia, Assyria and Rome.

- Face new threats from within your city's borders, including grave robbers and plagues of locusts, frogs and hail.

- Pray to the gods to speed construction of your monuments.

- Enjoy many other new features, like carrying over troops from one scenario to the next.

Unrar, run Setup.bat to decompress sound. Start the game with Pharaoh.exe.

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