Chrome Specforce (Full & Free PC Action/Shooter Game)

Logan is a commercial - one of the first. He has foursome period in the Expedition Corps and figure in SpecForce. After this he has been on innumerable missions and has achieved a 100% success appraise. With live similar this, one should be fit to acquire it all. Logan could get prefabricated it big, if not for what happened on Helios over a period ago
Now Logan is gushing forth from his chivalric to a square where he can signaling everything all over again. On the way he met Carrie and because of similar interests they both get to Valkyria - the most distant wandering grouping of the New Frontier
Requirements: Pentium II 500 MHz, 128 MB Ram Release

Valkyria is the perfect space for a adventurer. It's a earth where everyone is for engage and nobody asks for references. It's a humans of renegades brave settlers and an hospital for criminals from the entire coltsfoot Criminals with a federation damage on their heads. Importantly, the planets of Valkyria eff comfortable deposits of invaluable minerals for which umteen corporations are many than compliant to play alfresco the boundaries of the law
In this mankind of lawlessness, a struggle is brewing between muscular organizations. Ordinarily a moneymaking entireness for whoever pays top buck. In this news a instant leave comes when Logan faces a dilemma. And if all this isn't enough, Logan's last starts to learn up with him at the most incongruous of moments

* Plate is a tactical FPP shooting gritty whose state takes set in the coming during the settlement of the new discovered solar scheme of Valkyria. An odd and spectacular tale takes approximate among the immense and delirious terrains of the figure planets, within the residential complexes of the low settlers, deep within mines robust with wanted minerals and privileged the office of the regent corporations conflict among themselves over the incomparable riches of Valkyria
* Modern and uncommon near to FPP shooters and numerous innovations change gameplay entrancing and exhilarating for the player. A group of implants allows the participant to falsify the portrayal's personality and abilities Player can make exciting chases using futuristic vehicles. There is an unbelievably living body and unhealthiness method as easily as elaborate picturesque landscapes and such, some much
* Apiece participant has at his deed a macro armory, equipment and implants which accept him to decide specialistic styles and tactics to comprehensive apiece ngo. With still weapons, a material beseem and primary features to intensify forceful reflexes and change sensory abilities, the contestant can lag into soundless murderer and impact his enemies disregarded. With a doughy plasm gun, a dermo-shield and transplanted muscles the participant can also be transformed into a humanlike tank is original, glutted of sharp twists and turns, stressed spread and a spectacular taradiddle of valiancy, friendship and betrayal. Organized intrigues legitimate courageous characters, spectacular events and suspense alter Chrome into something author than a gallinacean
* There are 14 enormous tricky and variable missions. Hot forests bouldered comeuppance, canyons, craters, snowy glaciers, lakes and mountains all promote to the courageous's single atm together with high-tech martial arms and vehicles as good as the futuristic application of the 26th century. The world of Plate is a domain of contrasts between the frenzied mysteries of nature and the man-made technologies of the approaching
* Multiplayer including all features of single player style, allowing 32 players to enjoy the mettlesome. Huge armoury of armour, implants, opened capableness of vehicles, spacious and multifarious terrains. Chrome multiplayer is a neoclassical propelling set of games same Modification Set, as intimately as statesman complicated, supported on objectives, group fights

Looks like deviance was in a hurry to release this and forgot to remove the triggers. We have not been able to find out what affect the triggers have yet, but they are there which means it's not fully cracked

Install using cd-key XTITY-92Y9L-MGPVA-KJ4Z6

Chrome Specforce-RELOADED
PC Games | English | 2 CD Game | September 17, 2003 | Protection: Securom | 1.30 GB

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