APB Reloaded Download, Full Version GTA Style Game

APB Reloaded Download

For those who like to play "heavy" and like to take full advantage of your graphics card has been launched: Reloaded APB Beta spectacular game that brings a mix of MMORPG with first-person shooting, explosions, leaks in cars, thefts, traffic accidents and lots of action, are some of the ingredients of APB Reloaded.

Its creators just released a test version for all what is coming in the final version expected. You will not pay money to play a real game like never before. With action from beginning to end, APB Reloaded is one of those games that should come to the story. Exorbitant graphics, caring detail as well the physical structure of the players.

In APB Reloaded, you need to choose the side where you play. The actions are very simple and clear. On one side are the "Enforcers" are those who represent the law and another "Criminals" which are outlawed. After you know who is friend and who is foe, wielding your weapons and go to war. There is chaotic scene and extremely suitable for heroes and villains that go far beyond this simple division.

APB Reloaded Download

Despite being a clear division between those who represent the law and those in the life of crime, APB Reloaded not part of a vision of the struggle between good and evil. Whichever way they choose, the methods are quite similar.

While the "Criminals" use heavy firepower to prevent the police from interfering with their business, "Enforcers" forced everyone to respect the law and take their acts to the very end without many scruples. All that makes Reloaded APB is the perfect dish for gourmets by shots without much thought to the consequences.

APB Reloaded Download

Create character
One factor that stands out in APB Reloaded is the ability to create your own character in a rather personal. Defines a unique look and choose clothes and vehicles they most closely identify with the personality of the player. The game also gives you the ability to create your own songs.

You can choose very specific items such as skin color, hair, if you want a beard and other body hair, details such as scars and physical size, type of eyebrow and a number of brands that will leave your character unique. Use your creativity.

PvP endless!
Who's not like PvP (player vs. player) with security APB will like Reloaded. Here this function can be exploited all the time, however in a very organized, leaving out those who do not wish to participate. You can join the real battlefields where you battle against other players for control of the localities in the game scenario.

The game is recommended for users with a broadband connection as it weighs more than 3GB. To play APB Reloaded is necessary to have a record in GameFirst. Click here to go to the registration page; the search will take only a few minutes.

To download APB Reloaded, you need first to download the GameFirst manager, who first published the game. Click the button "Click to download" and makes the file download. After installation, running the manager and choose APB Reloaded for transfer to your computer.

Click "I Like" on Facebook to play
After download, install and update APB Reloaded, another step you must make in order to play. The first time you click "Start" on ABS initializer Reloaded, a page with "I like" Facebook opens in your browser. Make login to the network, click the "I Like" and only then will be ready to literally get shot.

APB Reloaded Download

The gameplay is a very smart. To kill another character, you must be on a mission and thus, only members of both teams exchange fire mission. If on one hand that's bad, because you cannot shoot anyone at all times, on the other side is good, because ultimately not get shot. It is an efficient way to make ABS Reloaded organized chaos.

This is license free links which you can download by clicking here. Remember that this game size 3.6 GB, so see to it that your internet connection is good enough. Rest, this game will work on all the running windows platform.
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