Download Street Cricket Champions EUR PSP

Here is a list of features:
* First street cricket game
* New innovative batting, bowling and fielding systems
* Fast action packed gameplay
* High quality graphics and animations
* 10 detailed environments from across the world
* 10 international teams
* True depiction of flair, style, trickery, and the passion with which the game is played on the streets of India
* Indian gameplay rules
It’s sad but there are no eye candies at the moment.

.:: After releasing bargain bin material like Hanuman ::. 
.:: (which was being given away for free with PS2 systems) ::. 
.:: and Desi Adda, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has ::. 
.:: tied up with Mumbai-based developer Trine Games for ::. 
.:: Street Cricket Champions. The game is out now for the PS2 ::. 
.:: and PSP and claims to recreate the gritty gully cricket ::. 
.:: experience on the console with the familiar rapid fire ::. 
.:: gameplay, ingenious batting bowling and fielding ::. 
.:: techniques that are the hallmark of street cricket ::. 

.:: The street cricket elements include non-traditional ::. 
.:: cricket shots like the famous Marillier shot over the ::. 
.:: wicket keeper, the ability to change bowling style (fast ::. 
.:: to spin) mid over, and six various reverse cross bat ::. 
.:: shots which you wont find in a traditional cricket game. ::. 
.:: The game features international events and formats in ::. 
.:: addition to the gully cricket element for players looking ::. 
.:: for a wholesome cricket experience. ::. 

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