The Mystery of the Mummy

If you're looking for kid-friendly video games, a clue-solving mystery is generally a pretty safe choice. I haven't yet seen Nancy Drew pull out an AK-47 to get to the bottom of things. And although Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's master detective, Sherlock Holmes, does on rare occasions grab a revolver or blade for protection, he's far better at elucidating than eviscerating.
So let us fetch our deerstalker cap and calabash pipe (a mere prop, of course!) and see how the brilliant bloodhound fares in his newest title, Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy. (I played the Nintendo DS version.)
Watson-less, But Not Clueless
We join Holmes as he's riding in a London hansom, reading an urgent note from his cousin-to-be, Elisabeth Montcalfe. The young woman is beside herself with worry over her missing--and presumed dead--father. She beseeches the detective to look into the matter. Might he find any clues at Lord Montcalfe's palatial manor? Sherlock Holmes find clues? Ha. That's elementary, my dear ...
Oops! Faithful sidekick Watson is off on a family vacation. So Holmes decides to go it alone with us looking over his shoulder.
It turns out that Lord Montcalfe is a well-traveled archaeologist and his home is something of a museum, filled with treasures brought back from various expeditions to Egypt. There are ancient tablets, sarcophagi and statues of Egyptian gods all over the place. And as Holmes whips out his magnifying glass and begins his investigation, he finds evidence of stolen antiquities, money-hungry relatives and dour deceit. All surrounded by a slew of potentially deadly traps and what appears to be a mummy's curse.

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