Asda 2 Online

In Asda 2 experience a world of battles and interactions in the second chapter of this MMORPG style anime. If you want to enjoy an excellent fighting game online and battle Asda 2 is an excellent option for those who like a game that allows a true immersion in a world of fantasy and adventure.

The game provides a virtual universe complete with a choice of interaction and activities that involve not only level up as in most traditional games. Asda 2 is the sequence of Asda Story, the game that won over a legion of fans around the world.

Choose your destination
Before starting the adventure, you must create a free account to connect to online servers. Make your record: CLICKING HERE. The first step and open the game is to adjust the appearance of your avatar, for example, choose the hair and name.

After some missions, that kind of character can be chosen according to your preferences within a diverse set of customization. There are eight options: warrior (spear, sword in one hand and two-handed sword), archer (bow or crossbow) and mage (attack, heal or support).

Tips :
The camera can be moved freely if you let down the right mouse button and move in any direction. And the character moves with left button clicks on the screen or the keys W, A, S and D. Moving the mouse scroll can increase or decrease the zoom.

Click the left button on a monster to start the fight which occurs automatically. After being defeated some of them leave a reward on the floor like money or anything else that can be used for example to get better equipment.

By defeating several creatures you start to level up and increase skills as attack, defense and speed, plus get special moves according to the character's class. To help in your work there are several side missions with generous rewards as more experience or money.

Good thing the game is that it does not require a powerful machine besides being accessed for free just having the purchase of items such as VIP resource.

The Oriental style graphics animation is very well done especially compared to the previous game. The animations and facial expressions are also highlights but both these items as scenarios sin by the lack of detail. Another issue to be discussed is the style of those charts because sometimes they seem too childish and may limit the public.

Asda 2 Online

In short, if you want a good game download to pass the time Asda 2 is an excellent alternative and best of all FREE!

This license free download is bit huge it’s around 1.2 GB and game will work on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
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