F1 2011 for PlayStation 3

The roar of the engines is closer than ever and now we have the version F1 2011 PlayStation 3 the ultimate driving game. The toughest of its kind and the more emotion that rises in all the sports fans Formula 1.Codemasters had prepared an opportunity to spend time with this game F1 2011 which is improved in all aspects.

F1 2011

The Released of F1 2011 is scheduled for September 23, 2011 where you can play with your favorite drivers Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel.

F1 2011 for PlayStation 3

This F1 2011 has been delayed by the bodywork and circuits even real tournament are not defined, which is why you have to make up in September when almost everything is defined in the championship.

New Circuits F1 2011:

The return of circuit German is the big news of this new F1 2011 for PlayStation 3.

Player Mode F1 2011:

The sentence of this game is to be the driver living at firsthand and what is being played is the excitement and adrenaline together in a single game. The 2011 F1 will take you to be Alonso or Vettel Ferrari to Renault or any other driver you can handle.

Also in the series you can live day by day looking to put together your engine, giving interviews and everything related to the pilot's life making the game much more realistic.

F1 2011 Online Mode:

The very personal stake in Codemasters is to this game mode which enables you to have 22 runners on the shelves although only 16 players will be occupied by rally the other 6 by artificial intelligence.

Something very remarkable is running the world of Formula 1 with a teammate, as Alonso - Massa and Vettel - Webber, certainly a very good idea to help you play much more in the form online.

F1 2011 Graphics:

Will be great, new technologies allow for an in-depth factorization which will make that reality is almost full.

F1 2011 Review Conclusion:

A great game from Codemasters that wants and needs exceed its record sales, a big bet for this unique study, which will take you to the top of the podium in video games.

F1 2011 Gameplay by Codemasters

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