Computer Games More Liked Than Sex

Computer Games More Liked Than Sex.  A recent survey conducted by the company's Facebook game developer that turned out to women prefer to play games than have sex.

As quoted from PC World, Tuesday (07/19/2011), a survey conducted by Dorito in order to launch new Facebook game, Doritos Dip Desperado, found some interesting facts about the habits of women and men in playing games.

The survey says that 49 percent of women playing games online, whether it be StarCraft or CityVille still unclear. But the 49 percent figure is still 1 percent behind the number of users are male.

Computer Games More Liked Than Sex

Of the 49 percent of women who play online games, approximately 84 percent said they enjoy the games they play. Compare these percentages with those women who menikmat sports (62 percent), shopping (71 percent), bathing (75 percent) and sex (70 percent).

Another interesting fact found is that 17 percent of women (one of five people) claimed that they were playing games in bed.

Computer games are much loved people, but despite having so-called adverse events, the game also has some positive sides to the world of science, among others, can be used for the treatment of eye disorders, as well as improving numeracy skills of children.
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