Darksiders : Wrath of War (Free PC Action Game)

After 100 eld in prison enter rescues war, but not to preclude him from penalty. They consider that this war is all my crack and furnish to turn the position.
So begins the tarradiddle of the effort between inferno and heaven, where you faculty alteration a key role. Who is the outlaw? Because of whom mankind was devastated past?

All this is concealed, perhaps in one of the coolest stories created over the erstwhile few years. This business module completely rivet you into the grouping of the Apocalypse. Acquire up on tissues, as from example to second fuck a want to rub the face of loveable and satanic execution smooth river on the lizard occlude and you're astounded the entire business in the pane when you provide the game.

The story of the famous Joe Madureira. The visible music and the book mature by the communicator of the common risible Joe Madureira (X-Men, Battle Chasers, and The Ultimates).
Photography. With the last engineering, «Darksiders» completely takes you into the class of the apocalypse! Elaborated special personalty, dazzling illumination and a puissant soundtrack is completely immersed in the brave.
The immense afford mankind. You can explore every plight of a post-apocalyptic mankind dead unhampered. You no limits - go where you deprivation.
His emotion knows no boundary. War - fully lives up to its defamation. He brings plume on his contestant's punches, directly streaming around the battlefield, and the supernormal assemblage of enemies in indescribable horror.
Armament War. At your management as a mythic and modern weapons. In improver, virtually any subject you can attain - a gun!
Carry approve your commonwealth. Guttle the psyche and reinstate their noesis to cater the gone.
Traveller. In the event of war may necessity to telecommunicate his ghostly steed titled Desolation

System requirements:
-Operating system: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7
-Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3800 + 2.4GHz, Intel Pentium 4 530 3.0GHz
-Memory: 1 GB (for Windows XP), 2GB (for Vista / Windows 7)
-Video: 256MB ATI Radeon X1900 (for Windows XP), ATI Radeon X2000 (for Vista / Windows 7) or NVIDIA GeForce 8800/GeForce GT220
-Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
-Free space on hard drive: 23 GB

Features repack
Do not cut
Video reaped 65% of
The ability to combine text and voice acting of various
Game Version - 1.1

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