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Echochrome 2 Free PC Games Download Echochrome 2 free download full version, The game utilizes the player's ability to imagine by controlling lights and shadows to solve the puzzles. The game smartly makes use of Playstation Move motion controller and Playstation EyeCamera to control light and shadows. The game bring backs your days when you were kid when you loved playing with the shadows. As a player your job is to lead your character from beginning to an end solving various puzzles that comes your way.
The game looks pretty much similar to the Echochrome original in its approach but there are many improved and new features as well incorporated in this version. Colors are used to give hints to the players that helps them solve puzzles.

There are nearly 100 levels for players to explore through. The flashlight feature of the Playstation Move is used to create shadows in the path to reach the destination. Then the game also lets you create your own levels using Playstation Move. Interestingly you can share your created levels with the whole world and everyone can have an access to play that level.

Sony has released the Echochrome 2 free download. The free version gives you an access to one tutorial mode and three levels from the full version. This is not a Echochrome 2 free full version download that you can get only after paying for it. The free Echochrome 2 download weighs 92MB only. free download full version, Free pc games download full version

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