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WWE All Stars Free PC Games DownloadJust download WWE All Stars free version to experience the wrestling gameplay that you haven;t before in any WWE game. WWE All Stars free download would be a demo version actually WWE All Stars free download full version, The game brings WWE Legend and WWE Superstar together in the same ring. The game provides a suitable platform for players to determine the greatest competitors of all time.  You can read on more about the game content below:
“Our playable demo for WWE All Stars will give players a tremendous opportunity to experience an original style of WWE gameplay centered around two incredible talent in Ultimate Warrior and Rey Mysterio,” said Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President, Core Games, THQ. “This videogame is fun, intuitive and very approachable, and we believe our core WWE SmackDown vs. Raw fans, WWE enthusiasts and casual followers alike will respond very favorably to this unique and fresh take on the virtual WWE experience.”
Featuring WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio and legendary competitor Ultimate Warrior and in a classic Exhibition match in the All Stars Arena, players will experience the wide range of techniques, strengths and advantages represented by two of the four unique character classes available in WWE All Stars. Competing as a Brawler, Ultimate Warrior will be a master of striking and stringing together powerful combination sequences, including unblockable charged strikes that lead to grapples and juggling opportunities. Brawlers also have an increased range on their strikes, making the class the most balanced to play in WWE All Stars. As an Acrobat, players competing as Rey Mysterio will experience lightning fast, high-flying action. Acrobats can spring off ring ropes to perform attacks, as well as run and jump on turnbuckles in a flash. They will also move faster than their opponents, and their aerial moves will connect with pinpoint accuracy.

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