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Order Of War (Strategy)

PLAYBOY: The Mansion/RIP (Simulation/Hentai)
Postal Plus/RIP (Action)
Pound Of Ground (Adventure)
Praetorians/RIP (Strategy)
Project Aftermath (Strategy)
Project Nomads (Action)

Quake 4 (Shooter)

Rapala Pro Fishing (Simulation)
Ratatouille (Adventure)
Real Girlfriend (Hentai)
Red Alerts 2/RIP (Strategy)
Red Ocean (Shooter)
Resident Evil 2 (Shooter)
Resident Evil 5 (Action)
Riot Police (Action)
Rise of Nations (Strategy)
Rising Kingdoms (Strategy)
Risk 2 (Strategy)
Rocket Knight (Action)
Rogue Warrior (Action)

Saints Row 2 (Action)
School Tycoon (Tycoon)
Scarface/RIP (Action)
Second Sight (Action)
Shank (Adventure)
SHANK 2010/RIP (Adventure)
Shrek 2/RIP (Adventure)
Ship Simulator 2008 (Simulation)
SIM CITY 3000/RIP (Simulation)
Singularity (Action)
Snow Drop (Adult/hHentai)
Soldier Elite (Shooter)
SoulCalibur (Arcade/Fighting)
SoulCalibur II (Arcade/Fighting)
Soul Reaver 2 (Adventure)
Spiderman 2/RIP (Action)
Spiderman 3/RIP (Action)
Starpoint Gemini (Strategy)
Still Life 2 (Adventure)
Street Fighter IV (Fighting)
Stormrise (Strategy)
Supreme Ruler 2020 (Strategy)
Surf's Up/RIP (Adventure)
SWAT 4/RIP (Shooter)
Switchball (Puzzle)
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