Most countries Hijacker Game

Most countries Hijacker Game.  Based on the latest research results, about 54 percent of circulating pirated games via file sharing on the internet. Here are 5 proven most countries do so.

As quoted from Gamasutra, Wednesday (16/02/2011), countries such as France, Spain, Italy, China and Brazil, have been entered as a list of the highest of a total of 33 countries suspected of doing a lot of game piracy.
Hijacker Game

The report issued by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) claims that the number of connections a peer-to-peer networks that distribute illegal in the fifth game are staggering, which is about 78 million of a total of 144 million connections that exist around the world.

Spain get the highest ratings in the report. As for China and Canada signed the 'Priority Watch List', trailing behind Brazil and Italy.

"Publishers game losing an opportunity to increase sales figures, and the Americans lost the potential to develop export markets, and these countries lost profits from domestic sales," said Michael Gallagher, president and CEO of the ESA, quoted from Gamasutra.
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