TAGAP 2 - Freeware Shooter Game

Tagap Free PC Game
TAGAP 2 - Freeware Shooter Game

TAGAP 2 - Freeware Shooter Game.  Jouni Lahtinen introduced the follow up to TAGAP (The Apocalyptic Online game About Penguins), 1 impressive freeware shooter, that time issues are substantially meaner adequate incredible formulation values. The game are often 2D side-scroller planned, but there are numerous fantastic animations effects to watch after.

In TAGAP 2, the cyber-penguins Pablo along with Pedro be required to cooperate to shed an extraordinary zombie penguin affiliate internet marketing, defeating opposing forces after opposing forces with quite a few amazing pistols and trucks. The mission isn’t effortless, but the premium of this particular free DESKTOP game will truly keep players have used the advertising campaign. Nowadays, you might play by having a friend inside split-screen co-op application and twice the interesting and damage.

Players who desires more from TAGAP 2 is able to use a built-in grade editor to bring about their very own mods.

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TAGAP 2 - Freeware Shooter Game (211 MB):

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